Class 7 Forklift/Telehandler - Experienced Operator


2 Days

CSA-approved safety boots and hard hat


Rough-terrain /counterbalanced forklifts are versatile tools for a number of Industries and Construction trades. Because they are such a commonly used and accessible piece of equipment, there is also a great potential for misuse and possible incidents by inadequately trained workers who may not recognize potential hazards.

Operated by well-trained workers, the machines provide a safe and efficient method of moving materials and placing them in otherwise difficult-to-access locations.

In our interactive five-day program, participants will learn the essential principles involved in the safe operation of a Rough Terrain Forklift, including Class 4/5 Forklift

Course Content

  • Types of forklifts
  • Legislation
  • Basic hydraulics and pre-operational checks
  • Stability and tipping for counterbalanced forklifts
  • Capacity and load charts
  • Operating the forklift
  • Load lifting and handling
  • Operating hazards and precautions
  • Periodic inspection, maintenance and maintenance records (logbooks)


If you meet the above requirements and are interested – LiUNA Local 506 Members can apply directly from the Member Portal