Hoisting & Rigging - Competent Person

4 days


Hoisting and rigging involves the use of slings and a crane to move heavy and/or bulky items on
a construction site. It is important that it is done safely and correctly to prevent loads from
falling and endangering workers or damaging property. This course consists of 12 hours of
classroom training, as well as 12 hours of hands-on exercises where participants will be
performing rigging operations using proper hardware, and communicating with an operator
using international hand signals and radios.

Course Content

  • Legislation and standards
  • Communication
  • Hoisting & rigging hazards
  • Hazard awareness in crane operations
  • Fibre rope, knots and hitches
  • Hardware, wire rope and slings


If you meet the above requirements and are interested – LiUNA Local 506 Members can apply directly from the Member Portal