Joint Health & Safety Committee - Recertification


1 day


Certified members of Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) in Ontario must complete a Certification Refresher program approved by the Ministry of Labour’s Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) within three years of completing Certification Part II and every three years thereafter. 

This program revisits key concepts from Certification training, including the information and tools essential for identifying, assessing and controlling, or better yet eliminating, workplace hazards. The program further affords participants the opportunity to share and discuss new or amended legislation/guidelines/standards, current or emerging issues, plus best practices for hazard elimination and control. This program is applicable to all Ontario workplaces.

Course Components

  • Internal Responsibility System
  • Understanding the law and its enforcement
  • Employer responsibilities and worker participation
  • Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • Health and safety policies, programs and reviews
  • Hazards identification, assessment and control
  • Workplace inspections and investigations


If you meet the above requirements and are interested – LiUNA Local 506 Members can apply directly from the Member Portal