Mason Tender

3 weeks
CSA-approved safety boots and hard hat


This program is offered to participants that have completed CCW Level I and wish to specialize
in the mason industry. This program will introduce students to the basic concepts of mason
tending, including important terminology, definitions, tools, materials, necessary technical skills,
and relevant safety regulations on a job site. They will learn how to determine the time
necessary for job completion, and how to calculate the amount of required materials. Time will
be divided between classroom theory training and hands-on practice.

On completion of the sections described below, together with practical activity, participants will
be able to demonstrate the necessary skills to be successful in the industry.


Course Content

  • Safety and Health for Mason Tenders
  • Reinforced Masonry
  • Estimating Masonry Materials
  • Mortar, Admixtures, and Grout
  • The Mason Tender’s Duties
  • The Effects of Weather on Masonry
  • Masonry Saw
  • Bracing Masonry Walls