Waterproofing Worker

3 weeks
CSA-approved safety boots and hard hat


Waterproofing is a process where building surfaces or structures are treated through the application of membranes or coatings to prevent water or moisture from passing through into the internal areas. This is important for protecting structural integrity, the longevity of building materials, and the prevention of fungal growth. Waterproofing workers install and repair waterproofing systems using a variety of materials, which they prepare, mix and apply. Individuals who are suited to this trade are physically fit and comfortable working outdoors.

Our Waterproofing Worker program combines in-class instruction and practical hands-on training, with a major emphasis on health and safety. Participants in the training program will study the fundamental tools, materials and techniques required to be successful in the waterproofing trade. The topics covered include:

  • Water penetration and damage
  • Pre-planning considerations
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safe work practices & fire safety procedures
  • Waterproofing products and materials
  • Waterproofing tools and equipment
  • Application of waterproofing materials


If you meet the above requirements and are interested in applying Contact us.