Oxy-Fuel Torch Cutting


2 days

CSA-approved safety boots, hard hat and safety glasses


Oxy-fuel cutting uses oxygen and a fuel gas such as acetylene or propane to cut through metals.
In addition to an in-class session where participants will examine the fundamentals of safe
oxy-fuel torch cutting, a practical component will offer participants the opportunity to learn and
practice how to cut metal safely and effectively.

Course Contents

  • Fundamentals of combustion
  • Proper handling of compressed gas cylinders
  • Inspection, setup and testing oxy-fuel equipment
  • Torch design
  • Reverse flow of gases
  • Backfire and flashback
  • Regulator burnouts
  • Equipment checklists


If you meet the above requirements and are interested – LiUNA Local 506 Members can apply directly from the Member Portal